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Coming in fall 2017!

The sequel to Fabled Circus...

Misfits face genetic vampires threatening Earth.

A twelve-year-old boy named Teddy flees a home that is no more.


The world is a circus, and our genes are the clowns.

6 short stories following the path of a cursed guitar from 1900-1970.

"The Galveston Flood"

the Great Flood of 1900

"Better than Pancho Villa's Saddle"

the Mexican Revolution

"Farmer's Blues"


“The Broken Wall Street, Stinking Jailhouse Blues”

the Great Depression

"The Hoarder of Memories"

World War II

"The Blues Are Gonna Getcha"


Once you're dead,
you have nothing to fear.

Imagine a ghost who can find your deepest,
darkest fears and make you face them.

Collection of Nightmarish Revelations Features 11 Short Stories/1 Novella
It takes so little to create a monster.
Look for Bountiful Harvest exclusively on Amazon on November, 27 2017!

Fabled Circus sequel

Watch for Bountiful Harvest, the fifth book by J. Stephen Howard, to ripen by the fall of 2017. It's the sequel to Fabled Circus, which features a boy who becomes orphaned for many reasons, but essentially, he doesn't fit in with 2082's obsession with perfect genes. In the sequel, he finds himself the leader of a band of misfits with powers after their DNA makeups were returned to what they should be. Together, they face the genetic vampires threatening Earth.

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Fear in Appleton

Once you're dead, you have nothing to fear except the truth of your mortal life.

Frankenstein's Confessional

Evil is alive, and it has a voice!

Fabled Circus

The world is a circus--our genes are the clowns.


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