Frankenstein’s Confessional

Collection of 11 short stories and 1 novella.

It's packed full of suspenseful moments.

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Frankenstein’s Confessional: Enter a sinner, leave a monster...

It takes so little to create a monster. Add self-loathing, throw in some jealousy, and maybe a pinch of revenge for starters. Serve it all up with guilt, and voilà--evil is alive, and it has a voice. From the mouths of self-made monsters come these tales, confessionals so to speak, detailing how their lives went wrong.

Four Stars for Frankenstein's Confessional from "The Kindle Book Review!"

"If you enjoy reading Stephen King, John Saul, or Dean Koontz then you will enjoy reading J. Stephen Howard."

Review of Frankenstein’s Confessional from Tracy Cook on her blog, “Booked Up:”

“This is a good collection and got me more in the mood for Halloween.”

“The writing is fluid and the stories varied.”

“The stories provided more psychological thrills.”

From Horror Writer Tara Fox Hall's 5 Star review of Frankenstein's Confessional:

Tara calls it “a very well done, well written collection of short stories sure to entertain and enthrall." She highlights her favorite stories in the collection as being “creepy," “weird," and “hilarious."

She goes on to describe the book as a “mix of scary and suspenseful stories told in first person by the monster or evildoer who has perpetrated the crime that each story is about. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, serial killers…they’re all here, ready to regal you with their tales of blood, just and unjustly spilled."

You can check out her books and website at:

***Press Release***

“Frankenstein’s Confessional”: Built from Horror Parts

WEBWIRE – Friday, November 11, 2011

New Book of Short Stories in the Works by “Fear in Appleton” Author
J. Stephen Howard, author of the edgy horror novel “Fear in Appleton” now available on Amazon, is hard at work, writing a series of short stories. Tentatively entitled “Frankenstein’s Confessional”, these delectable bites of gothic episodes all center on one concept.

“They’re disparate parts that, when put together, hopefully will electrify the whole,” Howard said. “All told from first person point of view, the reader gets a firsthand account when these so-called monsters confess their sins.”

“The book will include twelve to twenty stories,” Howard said. “So, it will be 300 or more pages. And while these won’t be interweaved, my goal is for the reader to get essentially the same kind of satisfaction with each. Thus, I see it as being similar to an episodic television series that you get hooked watching because there’s a consistent tone from week to week.”

“Frankenstein’s Confessional” is slated for publication in the summer of 2012. “Fear in Appleton” is currently available on Amazon for $2.99.

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